Blue planet academy

Your digital aquaculture knowledge portal

Food tech is the future. Fish farms needs to be run in a sustainable way by people with knowledge. Blue planet academy makes sure they get certified – we help our partners achieve this.



BluePlanet Academy contacted us in the inception; they had a library of educational videos and a WordPress website but needed a solution for managing their clients, their clients' employees and letting them take courses and receive certifications based these courses. At first we created WordPress plugins for their existing website to manage this scenario, but as their service grew in user count and requirements got more advanced, we ended up creating an entire e-learning portal from scratch. We also migrated their entire user base, certifications, courses, lessons, questions, user course progress (even mid-course!) over to the new system.


The new BluePlanet Academy is a complete e-learning solution divided into an Admin and an Academy portal. Company managers can manage their own organisations under "My Organisation" and follow up on the progress of their employees, ensuring everyone has the correct certifications at any time. Course enrollments and certifications are handled seamlessly by the system. In the Admin section new courses can easily be created from existing blocks of content. Access and enrollments in courses can be given to companies, departments within companies or specific users.


Blue Planet Academy is today the number one site for knowledge on how to do aquaculture. With an extensive educational video library and specialized online courses where Fish welfare, escape prevention, hygiene and biosafety are just some of the topics presented in a thorough but easy-to-understand way. The visual presentation with extensive use of animation ensures good learning. Use Blue Planet academy for the completion of compulsory courses, general competence development and for quality assurance and documentation of training.