Making life with animals easier

A platform for promoting transparency and community between pet owners and clinics to create a better experience.

How did Vetpris come about?

We were contacted by Olivia, a dog-breeder and knowledgeable entrepreneur who was eager to explore ways to make the animal care industry more affordable, flexible and accessible. Together, we set out to foster collaboration between clinics, animal insurance companies and animal owners.

Finding the friendly feel

Last Friday has built a platform simplifies life for pet owners by providing information on veterinary care prices, opening hours, and the right clinic for your needs. We promote transparency and community between pet owners and clinics to achieve the best animal care possible.

Helping aninal owners keep track

The first major feature was providing a clinic search function for finding the right clinic in the right location with the needed capabilities. To make the service even more engaging and useful we created the animal profiles and care history to help owners keep track of their visits to the vet to improve long-term animal well-being and encourage preventive measures.